The baby without a due date…

Every baby has a due date… At least I thought.

I’ve don’t like paying attention to the due date because Babies. Do. what. THey. want.

However, I am at the point in this pregnancy that I literally d r e a m of delivering a babe, only to wake up still carrying a watermelon in the midsection.

In the first trimester, EDDs (Estimated Due Dates) are based off of the woman’s cycle. In the 2nd trimester, it’s all about genetics – how big/small your baby is, how fast they grow, etc. And the third tri, it’s a free-for-all, diet, exercise, etc.   All throughout this pregnancy, I had people coming up to me shocked at how small I was.”Is everything ok with the baby?!”- a question I heard often. I brought this up to my doc who informed me it’s a 3cm+/- scale that’s used to measure the babe. If I’m at the +or – 3cm mark, they start doing tests. For example, at 32 weeks gestation, a woman’s belly should measure 32cms.

For 4 consecutive appointments deep into my 3rd tri, I was consistently measuring -2cms small. The week of Jonathan’s New York trip, I got sick, puking sick. If I am dehydrated enough, I can throw myself into labor. Not cool. I was officially measuring 3cms too small. Time to start testing. I had just  switched practices at this point and there doesn’t seem to be any major concern. Should we question the accuracy of the EDD?- the original was set for July 14th.  So when is it? Gotta go back and find your first sonogram and medical files. All I know is that the eviction notice has been sent. There’s no room in the Schroer Inn and Womb Service will no longer be available. I think I’m uncomfortable to look at! Girl, you HUGE! haha

**Side note, Joram was almost 2 weeks “overdue”. I remember joking that he would get a spanking for every day he was late… I don’t think I ever capitalized on that one 🙂

I walked into my last appointment thinking I was already in the overcooked stage and said, “40+, feeling strong” to which my midwife replied, “39, all day long.” Wait, what?! I gotta spend another week in this body? That’s like turning the last corner of a marathon only to find out you have to run an extra 5K to the finish line.  I was getting rounder by the minute and sure enough, I had caught up to 39cms. Must’ve been the raw chocolate peanut butter protein balls I destroyed the last few weeks.

Sooo, either way, I’m a baby time bomb and he’ll come whenever he feels like it. As long as he makes his appearance before Christmas, I’m content. Jonathan has been awesome; we get into “Rapture-Mode” every night and make sure the house is in order and everything is as it should be.  I’m so thankful for those who have called or text with encouragement, prayer and support. We def feel the love! Keep you posted.

“The LoRd will perfect that which concerns me.” Psalm 138:8

In His Grip,









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