Today is my son’s 2nd birthday. Time flies! I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how full my life is with this boy. He’s one of the greatest gifts we’ve ever been given.

Watching him develop has been incredible. He’s got Samson-like upper body strength and above average athletic ability. (He was slide tackling himself while we watched the World Cup, can sink heavy bean bags in the hole and can air kick a soccer ball on point EVERY. TiME). He’s a great dancer, funny, curious, a social butterfly (has he FaceTimed you yet?) sensitive, affectionate and might I add – extremely fearless and  independent.

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Every morning, we get our 10+ minutes of snuggles in. He crawls into my lap and we love on each other. I think it fills up the emotional tank for the day. After that, life can turn into a war zone, helmets included. (Thankful for my medical background!) Sometimes I think those few quiet minutes could be his apology in advance for the adventures that will transpire throughout the day. Either way, I’m blessed by those few minutes.  There’s way too many things that he does throughout the day to  bless me that I want to store up in my heart yet it’s already SO. FULL.

And does this boy LOVE his Daddy. When we watch church online, he’ll dance to the music and scream “DA-EEEE” every time the camera zooms in on Jonathan.  And scream his name when he gets home from work. Dance parties and walks around the block where we lose a toy down the sewer happen frequently. You can find him running around the house with a bat or chasing our dog with his bubble mower, reciting his alphabet. (Thank you, SuperWHY!, his speech has improved dramatically) Our living room has become an indoor soccer court, . It really is a wonderful life.

Joram is the best little boy. Never in a million years, could I imagine my life without him or forseen how awesome he would make motherhood to be.  We constantly pray for wisdom for this little guy as he grows, that he would be able to discern right from wrong at a young age and not get tripped up by silly things that can so easily entangle.  What a tremendous blessing he is!

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy, Joram, “The LoRd is Exalted.”


2 Years of Adventure!

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