Christmas “Schraditions”

Christmas came windsprinting at us this year and we hardly caught it! We managed to squeeze as many as these Schroer Christmas traditions {or as we call them “Schraditions”} right before the finish line of December 25th.

First off,  Jonathan is a FREAK about Christmas lights. He maps out his display and a long term goal of his is for our house to be seen from Google Earth. Oh LoRd, help us with that electric bill! The day after Thanksgiving, he sets it up so we can enjoy it all month long. And at some point, we’ll either take some friends or neighborhood kids to check out the best Christmas lights in town.

A week into December,  one of the neighborhood kids we haven’t seen in months came knockin’ on our door. When we asked him what he’s been up to, he said:

“I followed the star!”


Could help but laugh about that response, the same one the wise men gave to King Herod while in search for the new King.  Jonathan’s 7foot star he built can be seen from quite a distance!

And everybody is different when it comes to decor. Some go all out and have lights synced to music. Others wait til December 22nd before they throw a snowglobe in the front yard and make merry a holiday. And still others, like this catch, celebrate Christmas all year long:



Whatever end of the spectrum you may be, it certainly is a special time of year. My husband enjoys drinking eggnog with his coffee, and we have movies that are a MUST on the list, some even on repeat: Elf, Muppet’s Christmas Carol, the Nativity Story and It’s a Wonderful Life. I think we watch more movies in December than the rest of the year combined.

Other traditions we have is to hit up Satellite Beach’s Jingle Run. It’s just 2 miles and a lot of fun. Jonathan missed this round but I had some friends to keep me company. The first time I ran it, I was pregnant with Joram. This year, I got to take both of my boys, Joram almost 2 and a half, Baby Jet clockin’ in at 5 months on Christmas Day. I’m beyond blessed.

Another Schradition is a Christmas puzzle. Jonathan and his family used to start it on December 1st and each would spend time working on the 1,000 piece-r throughout the month. Since we have kids, we decided a 550 piece puzzle was really pushing it, and it was!  It was amazing that we completed it with as many handfuls of pieces I saw wander off in Joram’s hands. IMG_1672

 {This one was much, much better than the “Polar Bears in a Snow Storm” puzzle we started and never completed 2 years ago. We ended up dropping that one off at the Goodwill because it made everybody’s blood pressure spike.}

We watch the calendar get littered with band practices in preparation for the FOUR Christmas Eve services. This year, close to 12,000 attended and the theme: The Answer. The gospel message wrecks me and sometimes I don’t know if I’ll ever fully understand it yet my pastor strives to make it simple as possible. Simply Jesus. We finished with glowsticks at our church and not real candles, which always bums me out but I understand, too many people, the fire marshal would have a field day. And the last time I was at a real candle-light service, the girl behind me lit my hair on fire. Even still, glowsticks with that many people is a sight to behold.

When I became a Schroer, I marveled at how they did Christmas. It was special. One of my favorite things they did was read this short allegory called You are Special by Max Lucado. The book is passed around the room and each person gets to read a page.


Although there isn’t as many people to pass the book around to, we still keep the tradition going. If you ever get a chance to read that book, get your hands on it. It’ll mess you up in a good way.

One of my favorite things to do on Christmas morning is read this thick journal that we started and named, “God’s Goodness” that has a million blank pages yet to be filled. Throughout the year, when the LoRd answers a prayer or something special happens, we write it down. At the end of the year on Christmas morning, we open this journal and read aloud a handful of the many and reflect, thanking Him for His faithfulness, His provisions, His answers, His care. He’s walked us through each season, trial, victory and continues to dish out a sweet blessings on us. We are humbled and amazed. It truly is a wonder to see how He has the bigger picture, even in seasons of doubt or discouragement. And to look back over the years we’ve been doing this and see how far we’ve come. What a great God we serve!


My sister Faith with her “Frozen” hair

And I of course we meet up with family, open presents and slam a Christmas breakfast complete with eggs, bacon and the biggest, most rediculous, world class cinnamon rolls my sister’s boyfriend makes. Since some of us  have other families we’re attached to, there’s a lot of coming and going so we all try to stick around as long as possible. My mom makes this awesome spicy potato soup for dinner and the rest of the family drink beer, shoot things, check out my dad’s grapevines or play or football. There’s plenty to do with such a crowd. My brother Tim was in town from California so he definitely added character to this year’s get together. Check out their mad field skills.

And  Nick’s “Odell Beckham” catch at the end here. We paused Evan’s reaction at the very end for a good laugh. Proud dad moment. Check it out.

I’d love to know some of your Christmas traditions! Feel free to share 🙂


In His Grip,


The December Soundtrack

My husband is a music guy. And a Christmas freak. So naturally,  I bring you the soundtrack to our home this December.

The lyrics to “Little Drummer Boy” slay me but call me crazy, most of the versions I’ve heard on the radio are kinda lame, therefore the song never quite made it to the favorite list of mine. Until now…

This song by the Pentatonix has been on repeat all month long. The whole CD is phenomenal. I love the accapella, the beatbox, the passionate dynamic that this group brings. And that one of the singers reminds me of my buddy Bryan Saylor

My son Joram calls it the “Bom Bom Song”, it’s pretty cute. So without further ado, please enjoy this bad boy and add it to your iTunes.

“I have no gift to bring, 
That’s fit to give a King”

Merry Christmas!