A day at the zoo…

A friend of mine recently invited us for an adventure at the zoo. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been there- apparently, they have passes and kids under 2 get in free… Did you hear me? I said FREE. That junk can cost up to $15/head. I’m in! Two of my neighbors invited me to go the same day so it was a party indeed- 4 mamas + 4 toddlers. They have a kiddie pool and this picture just about sums it up… Continue reading

My doTERRA story

As a massage therapist, I’ve always known about the benefits of essential oils. In school, we mainly studied them for their aromatic benefits, yet knowing that they could harm clients if they were used incorrectly. As a nurse, I love to be able to help people. However, I do not believe the current healthcare system can sustain itself over the long haul, Continue reading