“This sandwich is in mint condition.”

Jonathan has just returned from a week long stint on Long Island playing music and speaking to a youth camp at Island Christian Church and what a week it was!

He and the band left at 4am to catch their flight and *hopefully* the first train out to the city. Jonathan’s sister Becky was the shuttle, packing all five guys and their equipment in her car and get them where they needed to be. The guys realized that the train would be leaving at the exact time they would arrive at the station. Being the New Yorker at heart and not wanting to wait another two hours, Jonathan sprints out of the vehicle, guns blazing towards the train, yelling at the conductor to wait while the rest of these Southern boys are politely thanking Becky for the ride over. Becky knows what’s at stake and she’s yelling at them,”SHUT UP AND THANK ME LATER!  RUN!!!” Somehow, they all made it just before takeoff.

City Boys!

Jonathan was the official tour guide and these Florida boys were blistered up by the end of the day rockin’ the city with their cool band boots yet were beyond satisfied that they experienced New York at it’s finest. NY pizza and the famous Bacon, Egg and Cheese bagel with hashbrowns was on the menu and they enjoyed every minute of it. Central Park, Ground Zero, Manhattan, the works.


Playing at Youth Week 2014

They rehearsed 5 hours on Saturday, were up early Sunday morning to play at the church and Jonathan had the opportunity to speak.  The congregation was amazed. This was the same Schroer-kid that was a trouble-maker years ago. Many, many people came up to him afterwards to hug him and even spoke of how much his mom, Arlene had impacted them. It has been 2 years since her passing and this was the first time they’ve been able to see Jonathan and tell him in person.

The week flew by! Becky and long time family friend Gina Lang kept up with me sending me photos and video clips as well as FaceTiming me live  (thank you LoRd for technology!) while the band played. I felt like I was there myself. Joram danced naked in the bathtub while we watched “Daaa-eee” play music from the iphone.


Facetiming Daddy during band practice

After each evening session, the guys would hang til midnight or later playing sports with the youth. He said they became like family in that short week they were there. Jonathan said it was like two worlds colliding: His new life, the band and all these people he grew up with. For Becky, it was a dream come true. She’s been praying for Jonathan to come out and lead worship for years. She and her kids were there every second “stalking” Jonathan and helping out in any way they could. She was a HUGE support to me that week and blew me away with herinvolvement with the band and kids at Youth week.  I am so blessed by this family.

Youth Week 2014


The band returned Thursday morning and had a hard time saying goodbye. It was like that “mission-trip high” kinda week.  Jonathan said he and the band got to worship in a whole new way that he hasn’t experienced before. THe only minor setback was at 2am before their flight home, Jonathan was slamming some Swedish fish and suctioned out his crown from a root canal he had a few years ago. He’s fine now but I think he might lay off the Fish for awhile 🙂

We are blessed! What an incredible week!

In His Grip,