What a great God we serve! It was so awesome to be a part of an event for the A21 Campaign and the End It Movement!

After a day of scrambling to fill missing spots in the band, we’re off to the races. We met Anthony Rick, the drummer from Coastline Community Church who actually preached a sweet message last weekend. He’s a fabulous drummer and we were so grateful that he was willing to jump in last minute. He got to learn the songs on the way over to Tampa where we met the bassist for the night.

Band practice itself was a bit rough but throw in a spaghetti dinner and we’ll recover!. The night started with the Icarus Account– twin brothers from Satellite beach who rocked the mics with their sweet harmonies and made all the ladies swoon.Next was a speaker for the Rachel Project, a local organization supporting the restoration of those involved with human trafficking. Turns out, the Tampa Bay area is #3 in the state of Florida for human trafficking. Their first week of operation, their safehouse was completely maxed out, with hundreds on the waiting list. Heartbreaking.

Kristen spoke next. She has been involved with the A21 Campaign since she was 16. In high school, she and a group of friends raised over $30,000 to help raise support for A21. She challenged the crowd, “If I could do this, you can too. It just takes a willing heart. Everyone can make a difference.” She spoke from Nehemiah and how when there was devastation, his heart was broken and God gave him favor to build a wall which represented safety and protection for his people. It was so difficult to hear of the stories of the women and children who have been trapped into slavery. I know I wasn’t the only one that shed tears. Kristen’s hope was that by spreading the word, people will educate themselves and others and that we can begin dismantle of power of these criminals. Education is were it begins and yes, the numbers look dismal now but there is hope for future. We must act now.

Next up was Jonathan and the band. It was an incredible time of worship. Everyone was lost in the moment singing songs like, He Will Come and Awaken Me. Jonathan challenged everyone to remember it was at Jesus’ darkest hours that he begged his disciples to stay awake;  Here we are in the midst of a dark time in history, more people are enslaved now than in history and the Church is called to wake up.

The night finished with another band and after packing up, we needed food! Jonathan, Andrew, Jordan, the drummer Anthony, myself and a friend headed to Chili’s. We talked about the night and how cool it was to see God orchestrated the event. “It wasn’t about us,” Andrew said, “God put that whole thing together, we just got to play music. We just got to worship along side everyone else.” Anthony agreed, “I was ministered to in the drum cage. God was doing something big and it wasn’t just about us serving people musically, I was encouraged just being there.”

Sometimes when we lead people in worship, we can make it about how good we played,  what we sounded like or even stress out about messing up. But when we take the focus off ourselves and put it back on God, it let’s off the pressure us and He gets all the glory.

What a night it was indeed! We are thankful to be a part of it.

In His Grip,


**Check out the A21Campaign, the End It Movement and if your from the Tampa Bay area, the Rachel Project to find out how you can get involved. Education is the first step to conquering this devastating crime in our country. You can make a difference!!

An Open Door

A few months back we were wanting to go forward on a Florida Tour for Jonathan and the band. I went in to more detail in this post. I can’t tell you how many times in the last 3 years we have given this over the LoRd. He has the power to raise up and bring down. We’ve seen it. There’s no point in trying to push our own adgenda. It’s really all about Him and what He wants.

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The Bloodbath and the Victory

I tread carefully as I write this post. I have spent the last three months laying low- away from social media, hanging out with friends etc in efforts to regain some strength and healing. Over the last two years, I have been dealing with quite a painful situation in ministry and it’s been recently that I felt the LoRd nudge me to take a break from pouring into others so that I can sit before Him and specifically deal with the aftershock of this circumstance.

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What’s in a name?

Over the past few months, I’ve taken a huge step back from life, social media, etc and have just been focusing my efforts and energies into other things. Being mentored by older women in ministry has been a highlight. Studying His Word, refreshing. I ran across a journal entry from this summer that contained a listing of the different names of God throughout the Scripture. I”m sure this isn’t extensive but here’s just a few to ponder:

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JSM hits CCM

So awhile back I wrote about the Tour. Here’s the update:

Our home church asked Jonathan and the band to lead for the weekend. I was excited and a bit nervous. The CD came out well over a year ago and is this congregation ready?  It be such an unusual style of the way things are done- would it be accepted?   We were told earlier this week by  two local churches that some of Jonathan’s songs have been played for their congregations. Sweet.

Jonathan had picked the song Reign to do. It’s the most intense on the album, very theatrical instrumentally. Definitely not the way we usually play music around here.  Ok, here we go! He intro’d the song with how it came about during, a difficult time in the life of his family and how the LoRd really spoke to him through the devastation.  He encouraged  the people using the Scripture in Exodus 15 :

“Who is like You, O Lord, among the gods?
Who is like You, glorious in holiness,
Fearful in praises, doing wonders?

“The LoRd shall reign forever and ever.”

Saturday night was rough. I tanked my solo on the keys and the overall set just seemed off. Sunday morning was a whole different tune. Literally, the first service was packed and they knew the song! Wow! The 2nd service, even more of a crowd! The audience sang so loud their voices carried in the overhead mics and it messed the band up on part of the intro! We recovered, and played on. The crowd cheered as we finished the song. To God be all the glory!

Jonathan and I talked about so much concerning this band and “where it’s going.” It’s a scary thing to try to share the stage with God. It’s a constant reminder to continue in humility especially on stage and if the LoRd wills and opens a door, we’ll walk through; no more trying to make things happen.  For now, it was a great weekend.  The band stayed available after the service to pray for people and my boys and I  wrapped up the weekend with much-needed, Level 10 naps.

No matter what, He reigns. Hallelujah!