The Circle Maker

Circle Maker Book This book written by Mark Batterson was a fantastic one. The main theme of the book is to pray and not give up. He opens with the legend of Honi, the Circle Maker, 1st Century, BC. There had been a drought in the land and Honi drew a circle around himself in the dust and told God that he would not leave that circle until He would send rain. The story goes that after some time, it began to drizzle, yet Honi stayed inside his drawn circle. He would not be satisfied until it poured rain and the land was refreshed. God honored his persistence and granted his request. The land flourished.

Now, some can jump off the deep end and say that there’s a hint of voodoo to it (drawing a circle around a million dollar Lotto ticket is not the idea here)  but I take it for what his point is: Pray without ceasing (1 Thess 5:17).  Be consistent in your prayer life with the LoRd. It’s like one of my favorite stories in the Bible, the persistent widow found in Luke 18. It’s so easy to ask for the LoRd for something and quickly move on within a week if He hasn’t answered the request. God is looking for a people to seek after Him. He also says in His Word, “We have not because we ask not.”  What a great reminder to continue to seek His face daily for the things He has in store for us!

In January of last year, I had the opportunity to lead a Bible study on this book with my friend Kristi. It was a packed-out class and over the 6 week study, we had many people share their stories of things they started praying for and how God was answering their prayers. It was a real faith booster. Many stated at the beginning that they easily give up on praying because they figure God hasn’t answered it yet, so “moving on.” It was amazing to see the transformation and eagerness of the women to seek the LoRd daily and wait for Him to grant the desires of their hearts.

I’d definitely encourage you to read this book! May it encourage you as you seek His face.


Stop Acting Like A Christian, Just BE One – Christine Caine

Stop Acting LIke a Christian   This was a great read about the difference between the       external behaviors vs mindset of Christianity- such as      “being a nice person, What-Would-Jesus-Do bracelet  of the outward appearances to the total transformation of the internal heart and mind of a Christian. Continue reading

Parenting 101

I wasn’t much into reading every single article about pregnancy and parenting when I was pregnant.  I just stuck to my knowledge in nursing school and figured that was enough. I never attended a birthing class- I just figured my body was obviously designed for it so what was the point in stressing about every detail and hiccup? I just waited for D-day. Needless to say, some people over-prepare for life and some of us just wing it…

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