Mentors, A Word from the Wise.

I once heard someone say that if if you are under 40 years old, you need to have someone at least 20 years older than you speaking into your life. BAM! Take that to the bank and cash it!

I have been so privileged in my life to have had opportunities of older, wiser women to take me under their wings and offer encouragement. Sometimes it’s for a short period of time and others, a long term friendship.

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Top 5 Reasons I know I’m Pregnant…

Let me just preface this blog with: I have never taken an at home pregnancy test.

I’d like to be surprised… and surprise my husband as well and save $7… So how did I know I was pregnant?

 1. I get absolutely nothing done… Nothing…

2. Forget eating clean and healthy, gimme  empty calories! Please, anything I can hold down. All I want is an IV of Ginger Ale flowing through my veins.

3. I watch Sister Act 1 and 2, with commercials, eating only waffle fries and ketchup while the house is a complete disaster… No shame. (Which I guess ties in with #1.)

4. I spent most of December laying on the floor moaning while a friend helps decorate my house for Christmas.

5. I never thought projectile vomiting was a real thing…until one day.

How can I describe what that first trimester is like? Some have this glorious feeling of butterflies and excitement. For me, it’s like a physical oppression has laid its heavy hand over me and is absolutely relentless. God bless all of you who don’t have to go through this. I’m serious, because if there was more people that have their first trimester experiences similar to mine, the world would be a much crankier place.

So how did I tell Jonathan this time? My goal was to make it to the plane on our way to NY for Thanksgiving and have the airline stewardess make the announcement over the intercom. Haha! Buuuuut, things didn’t go as planned. He came into the room as I was completely laid out while packing for the trip and said,”Do you need to tell me something? You haven’t moved from the bed in 3 days and your burping a lot.”

You got me.

We left at 3am with bags packed and a toddler strapped to made our 6am flight.  I totally believe the LoRd put me in a “non-pregnancy bubble” for two days because I felt OK for the hustle and bustle of travel. Thanksgiving came the next day, family piled in the Brooklyn residence and we ate some serious food. Wow, I’m feeling good! Then dessert came and I had gathered my “announcement cookies.” My sister in law Becky,  questioned the fact I brought cookies because I think it’s public knowledge, I’m no baker. The football game was turned off (which is a cardinal sin in the Schroer home) so let’s make this quick because people are getting upset. One look at those cookies got the news out. We’re having a baby!


Within an hour of making that announcement, the “bubble” had popped. I puked four times throughout the night and felt absolutely wretched. I’m officially in this pregnancy thing. Guess I won’t be seeing the light of day for number of weeks to come…

Fast forward to today, February 1st, 2014, and I can happily say the oppression has finally lifted. The dust is starting to settle with both our job situations and at 4+ months, I’m finally feeling better. We will be finding out at the end of this month if we’ll be having another boy or girl.

We’re excited for this next new adventure! Keep you posted:)

In His Grip,